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Regular Maintenance Cleaning Services

Happy Clean is Atlanta's top choice for residential recurring cleaning services. Our teams are fully equipped in everything from product knowledge to outstanding customer service. Our cleaning technicians are 100% professional and fully trained. We have the deepest respect and appreciation for allowing us into your personal space. Once you meet our teams and experience the our cleaning you will never want to go back to your old way of life!


Premium Quality

Happy Clean Services are the utmost premium quality kind of clean! 


Customer Service

Happy Clean has outstanding customer service and reviews to back it!


Unlimited Access

Unlimited accessibility to your account for your scheduling and canceling needs. 

Weekly, Biweekly & Monthly Service Available

After your Top to Bottom Deep Clean, we will maintain your home's cleanliness and keep it sparkling clean! We schedule regular maintenance cleanings on frequencies of weekly, every 2 weeks (bi-weekly), or every 4 weeks (monthly).

The frequency you choose will depend a lot on how busy your home is and how many people and pets live there. The busier the home, the more frequently we recommend getting your home cleaned. Most customers opt for our biweekly services, but many of our single and elderly clients opt for a monthly service.

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Recurring Checklist

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